Profiles in VER

“Great workplace atmosphere and clear employee roles”

Antti Huotari haastattelu

Antti Huotari, Deputy Director, Fixed Income Investments
Employed by VER since 2002

“As the Deputy Director for fixed income investments, I handle credit fund investments. Usually my day starts with reading the news and analysing market data. Of special interest to me is the connection between credit investments and the developments taking place in the companies and in the industry in general, such as financial performance and technological advancement.”

“What I like most about my work is the all-round approach to monitoring and understanding what’s happening. The biggest motivators are the responsibility associated with portfolio management and the fact your performance can always be measured with reference to benchmark.”

“VER has a great workplace atmosphere and clear employee roles. The flat hierarchy is flexible and efficient. Personal chemistries within and between the teams work well. That’s why we have a very low staff turnover.”

“Implementing your ideas”

Kai Ylikangas haastattelu

Kai Ylikangas, Senior Portfolio Manager, Equity Investments
Employed by VER since 2007

“As a portfolio manager, I’m responsible for the managers of VER’s external equity portfolio. My territory covers Europe, North America, Japan and the emerging markets. My days vary very much: sometimes I spend the whole day reading analyses and the next day I have meetings with fund managers and economists."

“In my job there are a lot of things that you need to understand and process at the same time. You need to be able to translate this knowledge into an investment decision. It’s exactly this challenge that I enjoy most.”

“We’re encouraged to enrol in training. The last course I took had to do with the valuation of companies. A further sign of trust is that we employees are often free to implement our own ideas at work.”

“The best thing is professional advancement”

Maarit Saynevirta haastattelu

Maarit Säynevirta, Head of Illiquid Investments
Employed by VER since 2008

“My job as the Head of Illiquid Investments consists of monitoring the fund investments in the portfolio, identification and evaluation of potential new investments and exploring new ideas and assimilating new knowledge. And as I’m also a member of the Management Team, my duties include preparations for and participation in the meetings."

“The best thing about my job is professional advancement. I meet a lot of intelligent people and I’m learning all the time. Because we’re a small and open workplace community, it’s easy to discuss early on new ideas with colleagues.”

“We are also encouraged to look after our own well-being and ability to cope with work by supporting exercise and other recreational activities.”