Profiles in VER

“Great workplace atmosphere and clear employee roles”

Antti Huotari haastattelu

Antti Huotari, Deputy Director, Fixed Income Investments
Employed by VER since 2002

“As the Deputy Director for fixed income investments, I handle investments in fixed income funds. My duties include fund selections, competitive tendering and liaising with both domestic and international fund counterparties. For example, emerging market investments play a big role in the fund portfolio and a comprehensive understanding of the global political, macroeconomic and environmental developments is essential to my work."

“What I like most about my work is the all-round approach to monitoring and understanding what’s happening.  The biggest motivators are the responsibility associated with portfolio management and the fact that your performance can always be measured with reference to benchmark indexes.”

“VER has a nice workplace atmosphere and clear employee roles. The flat hierarchy is flexible and efficient. Personal chemistries within and between the teams work well. That’s why we have a very low staff turnover.”

“Implementing your ideas”

Kai Ylikangas haastattelu

Kai Ylikangas, Senior Portfolio Manager, Equity Investments
Employed by VER since 2007

As a Senior Portfolio Manager, I am responsible for VER's external equity portfolio managers and ETFs in the global equity portfolio.

At VER, communications are smooth and efficient, due to the flat organisation. As a result, cooperation with colleagues is nice and easy. This is particularly important in an expert organisation like VER, because at times you work very much on your own.

As in many other organisations, telecommuting is gaining ground at VER. We’ve been able to strike a successful balance between remote and non-remote work, which has made the job even more meaningful.”

“The best thing is professional advancement”

Maarit Saynevirta haastattelu

Maarit Säynevirta, Head of Illiquid Investments
Employed by VER since 2008

I and my team are responsible for VER’s illiquid investments. I myself focus on private credit investments, but my job is also to actively monitor the performance of all illiquid portfolios and contribute to investment decisions and the identification of new investment ideas.

As a member of the executive management team, I take part in VER’s all decision-making and present the matters related to illiquid investments to VER’s Board of Directors.

In my work, I get to meet the best people in the industry and through them I am able to learn new things all the time. The small working community and low hierarchy makes for an open and active exchange of ideas with colleagues, which also helps me develop in my work and increases my job satisfaction.