Independence and Ethics of Investment Activities

VER’s principals considering conflicts of interest promote consistent practices in ensuring independence and public trust in its activities.

As an investor organisation, VER complies with strict guidelines in securities trading. VER’s internal rules of procedure and trading are supplementary to the insider trading and investment regulations issued by the authorities. Said rules of procedure regulate securities holdings and trading by VER staff and their family members.

Insider Register

VER keeps a public register of VER’s insiders and the securities holdings of such insiders as provided in the the State Pension Fund Act. The insider register is maintained in the NetSire service provided by Euroclear Oy.

VER’s insider register is available at Euroclear’s customer service centre.

Exercise of shareholder control

As an independent portfolio investor, VER’s policy is to make long-term investments. It is a major shareholder in a number of Finnish and international companies. While VER’s shareholder policy mostly relates to its role as an equity market investor, the guidelines also embrace investments in debt instruments and mutual funds.

At the same time, the shareholder policy defines VER’s key corporate governance positions. Through the exercise of its shareholder control, VER seeks to promote its goals, particularly in companies in which it holds significant interests.