Ownership steering

The ownership policy adopted by VER’s Board of Directors sets out the guidelines for the Fund's activities as a shareholder and defines VER’s key policies and expectations regarding the portfolio companies. The shareholder control policy apply to VER's all investment activities, but its practical implementation depends on the asset class concerned.

VER monitors the operations of its portfolio companies actively and seeks to pursue its objectives with respect to these companies in accordance with its policies. In addition to the principles of responsible investing, VER’s shareholder control policy sets out its expectations regarding the portfolio companies’ sustainability performance. By stating these expectations, VER seeks to ensure, for its part, that VER-owned companies give due consideration to the sustainability expectations included in VER's objectives.

Primarily, VER exercises influence by engaging in a dialogue with the portfolio companies and participating in the general meetings of shareholders. VER’s portfolio managers meet the management of portfolio companies regularly to form an idea of the company’s position and topical issues. In 2023, VER’s portfolio managers had approximately 160 corporate meetings with senior management. Also, we participated in 21 annual general meetings of shareholders during the year.

Ownership policy 2022