VER as an Employer

The State Pension Fund’s ambition is to be a valued and successful pension investor whose activities are characterised by a high standard of professional skill and ethical conduct. VER seeks to ensure access to sufficient and qualified staff at all times. This is also reflected in its recruitment policy: as an employer, VER hopes to attract dedicated professionals willing to commit to long-term service.

High job satisfaction

VER continually develops its operations and maintains staff skills by providing career development and promoting wellness at work by supporting cultural and exercise activities. Additionally, employees are free to participate in events and training that they find will enhance their professional capabilities.

Performance in implementing the human resources strategy is monitored through job satisfaction surveys, performance evaluation and development discussions, staff turnover, number of sick and training days as well as overall assessment of the results achieved.

VER has measured job satisfaction since 2001, and throughout this period the level of satisfaction has remained above the average of government agencies. A telling indicator of job satisfaction is the low staff turnover.

Qualified staff keen on self-improvement

Committed to improving their skills and capabilities, staff members take active part in professional training, most of which focuses on the investment market and instruments as well as management.

Staff in numbers

Permanent staff 31 December 2021

Number of staff 26
Gender distribution, male/female 17/9
Men/women in managerial positions 4/2
Personnel expenses 3.3 MEUR
Coverage of incentive bonus schemes All employees  

VER’s values

VER’s core values are professionalism, a high standard of ethical behaviour and transparency. Professionalism refers to the key prerequisites for VER’s operations: financial performance, quality, solid expertise and service policy. A high standard of ethical behaviour means gender equality, impartiality, independence and responsible investing. Transparency is a way of winning the trust of VER’s interest groups. As a part of the State of Finland, VER complies with the fundamental values observed in government administration.