VER as an Employer

VER’s ambition is to be a valued and successful pension investor whose activities are characterised by a high standard of professionalism and a sustainable approach to business. We seek to ensure access to sufficient and qualified staff at all times. As an employer, we hope to attract dedicated professionals willing to commit to long-term service. As part of the central government organisation, we offer expert positions highly important to Finnish society. We offer interesting jobs in an international environment and ample opportunities to maintain and develop professional skills.

VER as a workplace community

VER employs a permanent staff of 28 people, most of them serving in expert positions. A majority has completed a higher university degree, typically in economics and business administration. Women account for roughly one third of the workforce whose average age is 43.

The workplace community is inspiring, transparent and interactive. We seek to develop VER’s activities and promote a dynamic and innovative approach to work. We encourage and support individual skills improvement and offer ample opportunities for professional development, both through external training and in-house interaction.

We promote wellness at work by providing up-to-date working conditions and tools and offering the opportunity to telecommute at east part of the time. We foster a sense of community through regular face-to-face gatherings, some of which are educational and some recreational. Also, we support employee wellbeing and recovery by supporting the cultural pursuits and physical exercise activities of the staff members.

We also offer extensive occupational healthcare services and have an active health & safety committee.  To monitor and improve wellness at work, we rely on wellness surveys and performance appraisal discussions and follow sickness absence statistics.

VER has been measuring job satisfaction since 2001, and throughout this period the satisfaction rates have exceeded the average in government agencies. One indication of the high level of job satisfaction is the low staff attrition rate.