Illiquid Investments

The Illiquid Investments Team is responsible for VER’s illiquid investments in real estate, private equity, infrastructure and private credit funds, and a number of non-listed companies and illiquid loans. In VER’s allocation, some of these investments are included in fixed income investments, some in equities and some in other investments.

The team is led by CIO Maarit Säynevirta who is responsible for private equity and private credit funds.

Senior Portfolio Manager Johannes Edgren is responsible for real estate investments.

Portfolio Manager Juuso Häkämies is responsible for infrastructure investments.

Portfolio Manager Tuomas Hämäläinen is responsible for private equity and private credit investments.

Portfolio Manager Sara Tanner (LOA) is responsible for private equity investments.

Analyst Henri Lyyra is responsible for assisting the illiquid investments portfolio managers and takes part in the management of the portfolio.