Investment teams

Liquid fixed income investments

In 2017, direct investments accounted for 59,0 per cent of the entire liquid fixed income portfolio. At the end of the year, VER held direct fixed income investments in 271 debt instruments as well as investments in 42 funds.

The team is led by Head of Fixed Income Mikko Räsänen. He is responsible for macro market insight in respect of fixed-income investments and investments in the money market.

Deputy Director Antti Huotari is responsible for investments in fixed-income funds.

Portfolio Manager Simo Matilainen is responsible for direct investments in grade and high yield corporate bonds.

Portfolio Manager Ilkka Rinne is responsible for investments in government bonds in the developing and emerging markets.

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Antti Huotari, Mikko Räsänen, Simo Matilainen, Ilkka Rinne


Listed equity investments

In 2016, direct equity investments accounted for 28,5 per cent of the total with 69,8 per cent invested through funds. Direct investments were held in 103 companies and fund units in 59 funds.

The team is led by Head of Equities Jan Lundberg.

Senior Portfolio Manager Esa Artimo is responsible for direct investments in Finnish and European equities.

Senior Portfolio Manager Niklas Rosenqvist is responsible for investments in Nordic stocks.

Senior Portfolio Manager Kai Ylikangas is responsible for investments in exchange-traded funds (ETFs) and other equity funds.


Kai Ylikangas, Niklas Rosenqvist, Esa Artimo, Jan Lundberg


Illiquid Investments

The Illiquid Investments Team is responsible for VER’s alternative investments in real estate, private equity, infrastructure and private credit funds, and a number of non-listed companies. In VER’s allocation system, some of these investments are included in fixed-income investments, some in equities and some in other investments. 

The team is led by Head of Investments Maarit Säynevirta who is responsible for private equity and private credit funds.

Senior Portfolio Manager Johannes Edgren is responsible for real estate investments.

Portfolio Manager Jussi Häkkinen is responsible for infrastructure funds and part of the private equity and private credit investments.

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Jussi Häkkinen, Maarit Säynevirta, Johannes Edgren


Position Management

Position Management focuses on limiting the market risks affecting the entire portfolio by using derivatives. Market risks consist of interest rate, credit, equity and currency risks.

Position Management employs derivatives to improve the diversification of investments and risk management, and to facilitate changes to tactical allocation.

Diversified investments consist of hedge and blend funds. Hedge funds also include risk premium funds and other risk premium structures.

The team is led by Head of Investments Sami Lahtinen with responsibility for position management.

Quantitative Portfolio Manager Juho Tiri is responsible for derivative strategies.

Senior Portfolio Manager Antti Vartiainen is responsible for investments in hedge funds.

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Juho Tiri, Sami Lahtinen, Antti Vartiainen